The Fall of Falone

Exodus of Men as reconstructed by Royal Historian Lemly:

“Humans once thought themselves the single intelligent race of Terradin. We were masters of our world and our world was the continent of Falone. Cities and settlements spread across the vast expanse between the mountain coasts. We built wonders of stone, domesticated animals, grew more food than we could consume. Royal provinces concerned themselves with border disputes and social displays of wealth. Philosophy, engineering, art, and mathematics were practiced and studied. There is little more in the surviving sea scrolls that reveal more about the culture of Falone.”

“It may be impossible for any living historian to construct why there is no longer a continent of Falone and just how hundreds of people knew to flee. All accounts both verbal and written agree that five hundred years before we arrived on the Lost Coast, a celestial wonder took place. All seven moons aligned over the central continent of Falone. The oceans rose over the shores, submerging great cities. Lava, fire, and ash were drawn from the tops of hundreds of mountain peaks. The world shook and the continent broke apart as it sank beneath the ocean.”

“Falone is no more. But our race survived. I will make it my lifes goal to piece together the past and find just how we came to the Lost Coast…”

The Fall of Falone

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